Saturday, April 30, 2005

Salsa Zone

I'm learning Salsa from Michelle Badion at the UW Experimental classes. I'm pretty interested by the moves I learned so far. Here is the sampler, well not a video tape yet but just more ramblings :).

  • Dont do basic steps at any point the easiest thing to make the follower feel that she is going places is to keep doing half turns all the time.
  • If you are in a close hand position and want to go to open arm position then do a half turn to get in that position.
  • Basic step 1-3, turn - turn - turn 5-7, Back Step 1, She 2 goes, Back Step 3, he goes 5, back step 6, she goes 7, basic 1-3 : Is michelle favorite turn!
  • Fancy turn: raise her arm- 1, back turn 2-3, turn her around to side 5-7 and she is locked in to you, front step 1,-3, turn her out 5-7 ...
  • Side step has three turns: Full swing (one and half turn) outside turn, Half inside turn, full inside turn.
  • Side step is like basic 1-3 and step on side on 5 and 6-7 is the turn or she goes to the other side (ie half turn).

Thats all for Salsa as of now. I have to write the step in more detail and there are quite a few i forgot ;).

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

VaiBHAv's Homepage The UCSC all in one web-page, which i so dearly and nearly need to update. Its time to thing of a webstrategy, there is a craze nowaday of blogging. Atanu Dey, keep one for his ramblings, and seems folks have started aggregating desi bloggers!

Blogging is a great concept as it serves the purpose of keeping a daily dairy and a list of web-marks. But i dont know sometimes I would like to write things which are just for me not public and i love to use a book and a promotes thinking. I havent been convinced of the digital thinking capability, thats one of the reason why i ramble here :).

Btw, some one said a nice thing yesterday
People keep talking of Digital Divide but what about TV Divide, Radio Divide why wasn't there one!


Monday, April 18, 2005

Split it

Fitness Challenge 2005 Describes a nice way of how exercise should be split up. I'm going to split the way I exercise in two One day do chest and back and Other day do Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders. Abs and Cardio should be done everyday.

Primarliy I have to figure out more chest exercises. The above link has some nice suggestions which i should explorer.