Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome 2008!!

Dear Friend:

Just wanted to take a moment and reflect on the year in past, look forward to the coming year and share it with you! In past I sent a greeting card to friends and family on the new years'. This year I'm sending note in form my year book, a summary of my blog posts and just a blurb about what i have been up to - Hope you find it an interesting read and have words of wisdom/advice for me to share here!! Wish you a happy new year, and may 2008 fulfill all your dreams!!!

2007 has been quite an eventful year for me with lot of up and downs! The year started with a fabulous trip to India and UK. Back in Seattle i tried to buy a place and fortunately didnt succeed in it but moved to a amazing airy apartment in Capitol Hill. Did plan a lot to do snowboarding but never found time for it, neither for Whistler trip. However i went snowboarding on Dec 27 this year just get out of that jinx :).

The summer as amazing fun - I started to lead on Rock climbs!. Biked to Portland with (my sweetheart) for Asha, it was amazing to see her pick up biking long distance so quickly. However on our next trip to Vancouver (RSVP) she met a terrible accident on RSVP. After her graduation in May, Vaidehi (my sister) moved to Bay Area to work for Cisco, I visited her in July to make sure she is settled and after much back and forth decision we bought a nice car for her. During the same time i was trying also to do a small project/startup - A health tool FitLive and a simple facebook application IOU resulted in collaboration with my artist friend Eddie. In Fall I decided to move to a new team. It was a little stressful time trying to finish all my obligations to Windows Mobile (I completed my feature for the next version which will allow the updating operating system to update itself on those devices) and move to Microsoft HealthVault. The great part about Fall was i joined the Certificate Program in Business Development at UW and really enjoyed it. I continuing the Business development for wineofeast throught it! Continuing the stress and vigor of Fall- Winter so far has been really busy for me - in my one month at Microsoft HealthVault i have already managed and coordinate one release of the SDK - have a pretty active health blog as well. I'm saying goodbye to 2007 from Bay Area from Vaidehi's place - I'm happy to she her really settled in the place and is doing great!!

From what it looks 2008 is going to be a challenging year for me! I will atleast try to get more snowboarding in the winter/spring and probably help Maris a little in her basic climbing and do a little more climbing in summer. Right now I'm looking forward to upcoming trip to India with Vaidehi and Maris. We are planning to visit the golden triangle and then go for cousins wedding. I'm not sure how 2008 will unfold, if my Maris & friends will convince me to join a startup in Seattle, or friends/family in Bay Area will make me move here or I will set out for a around the world trip ....

Wish you happy new year!!!


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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Last year almost gone - reflection time!!

Year end is always a great opportunity to evaluate the past year, say hi to your friends and make plans for the next year!

2007 has been quite an eventful year for me, there have been more up and downs in this particular year than i remember from the past. Trying to buying a place, starting to lead on rock, biking to Portland with Maris, Maris' accident on RSVP, helping Vaidehi settle in Bay Area, deciding to move to a new team, moving in with Maris - everything has been a mixed bag (as life is :)).

In past I sent a greeting card to friends and family on the new years'. This year i'm planning to send a note to my year book, a summary of my blog posts and just a blurb about what i'm up to. Hopefully i'll get it done today!

Next year is again a year of un-certainity for me, I might consider to move to Bay Area, join a startup or do both :). But for now i'm happily looking forward to visit my folks in Jan and a little traveling in India!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Planning India Trip!

All right I'm getting a chance to go visit home!! Eh..hoo!! Here is the rough plan -

Hopefully, I can make all the other stuff work. If any of you guys are around do let me know!! More details getting added soon!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Maris!!

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We had a blast at Maris' birthday yesterday.

The original plan was -

1. 5:30 PM Meeting at Seattle Centre for a Bonfire
2. 7:00 PM Get Dinner at Bamboo Gardens
3. 8:30 PM Hit the Ice rink at Seattle Centre
4. 10:30 PM Enjoy Piano Duet at Chopstix,
5. 12:00 PM play games at Marisa's place or do as the group pleases!

From 6pm to 2:30am - we had a tonne of folks. We started at 4 folks became 8 then 5 and eventually tailed off to Myself, Maris and Marisa!!

It was really really great time!!! We didnt catch much of Bonfire but the dinner at Bambo garden was pretty good, and at the ice rink we witnessed a new record in Maris from not knowing how to skate to be able to skate backwards!! And yep.. we were able to put her on spot when the pianist sang for her at Chopstix (but i was in more akward spot because he sang "Dick in the box" on my behalf...)!! From 6pm to until about 2:30am this was a blast......!!

Oh the preview pics are here - more pics are coming for her Camera as soon as she returns from Estonia....

Thanks to folks for making it a success...

Monday, December 03, 2007


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