Saturday, November 21, 2009

Costa Rica!

Myself and Chris, just planned to do an extempore trip to Costa Rica. Riding our bikes earlier this summer one of the deep and meaningful conversation we had was that we need to make a list of things to do if we had infinite time and money,  and then try to accomplish it! Costa Rica has been on my list since 2004, every year I had a to-do about going to Costa Rica, so this year may be it will be a reality!

Well this is really extempore, but situations in life & work dictate a lot of my scheduling (*things which i don’t have control on*). Vaidehi is going to India earlier in Dec & needs time to prepare, Maris is travelling to colder continents for blessings from Uncle Sam (Calgary); so the Mexico team is out :(. I convinced Chris (& then he convinced me) relying on the fact that all we need to take off are few working days.  Anyways, enough of the why part but life, resources, buddies and of course the onset of Seattle winter has given me the opportunity to explore Costa Rica in seven days!

So what are we going to do?

I was browsing through Lonely planet, WikiTravel and Couch surfing. Here is the current thinking.

Day Place to sleep Activities to do Transport
Tues Nov 24 San Jose, Costa Rica
(Hostel Pangue)
Enoy Dallas transit for four hours, and may be go out in San Jose. Pangue pickup
Wed Nov 25 Arenal
(Arenal Backpackers Resort)
Wed: La Fortuna Hot Springs, Volcano Tour (3:30-9:30)
Thur: Water fall
71 miles

Transit:12:30, 2:30pm
Transit time: 4.5 hours
Thurs Nov 26 Monteverde
(MonteVerde Backpackers)?
Thurs: Night tour
110m on map

Jumbo Jeep $25
Transit time: 3.0 hr
Fri Nov 27 Hiking
(MonteVerde Backpackers)
Canopy tour Cloud Forest (7:30, 10:30, 1, $45)  
Sat Nov 28 Playa Tamarindo
(Tamarindo Backackers)
Rafting (possibly with Astha and group)??, Beach, surfing Tamarindo is 100m from Monteverde  

Public transit: 8am, 12pm
Transit time: 4 hrs
Sun Nov 29 Playa Negra surfing, Trip to Jaco Most likely we should ditch Jaco and take a trip back to San Jose.

Public transit:
Transit time:
Mon Nov 30 San Jose
More San Jose ..?  
Tues Dec 1 - Trips in San Jose and catch 11:30am flight :).  


Things to bring?

  • DEET
  • Internet Device (Phone or Laptop?)
  • Backpack, rain gear, sleeping bag.