Monday, May 16, 2005

Monthly Average Graph (Indian Rupee, American Dollar) 2005of Rupee vs. Dollar shows a constant decline of dollar. Dollar is hitting a huge valley. About a year before it was 46.5 Rs. and now its 43.37!! Man!! day by day seems the amount i'm earning is useless, and my efforts, dreams not as grandeur!!

The other thing which have always confused me is how the banks give exhange rates to customers. Is ICICI Money2India good enough for transacting money to my family in India or I losing like a rupee for each dollar. I dont understand. May be one of these days i'll read something or meet someone who really is street smart in this......but as of now my money is hitting the sink...zooop!!!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Infinite Photos thats my collection and if you can browse them all i have equal number of them else where!!! Like all other mortals i'm having a tough time keeping my media (photos, videos, music), writings, emails, blogs, wikis, yahoogroups, msngroups and bookmarks away from fragmentation and at one nice location!! It would be really nice if there way to aggregrate all of them in some fashion where my family, friends, co-workers and aquaintances would view and collaborate on them.

The two most important factors for this to happen is that the medium has to be quick and easy to use. I can setup my home page to point and aggregate all of it its fast for me and works but i wont be able to collaborate on this. And yep it doesn't scale.

So well come to new age phenomena... fragmentation of the golden egg!!! Every one agrees that the inet is the hen which gives a golden egg but unfortunately there are too many stake-holders for this golden egg or as rappers might put it too many daddy's for a little chusa....:)