Wednesday, October 26, 2005


This was really an interesting read, which i finished last week in my couple of Flu days :). I was sick but i still enjoyed reading this book.

I read the book from cover to cover, yeah! But it was not that engrossing from what i remember it gave me a message to ask freaky questions and try to find answers for them. Like how important is parenting? Why do Druglords live with their mother? Or still so im my context i would ask Why does an average india spend atleast 5 times his salary on a marriage? Why does US capture 30% worlds GDP and China+India combined capture only 8trillion of the 40? Why there are more female engineers in India than USA? Why is mans journey to moon still controversial? Agree-ably some are good and some bad questions but the gist of the book is to ask akward questions and try to answer why. And yeah! that the only thing i like about it :).

Or another interesting question which is the next book i read is Why capitalism succeeds in west and fails in east?

Monday, October 24, 2005

AllGoRhythms 2005, How did it go?

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The photos from AllGoRhythms 2005 show presented by Asha, Seattle on Oct 22, 2005.

The show was sold out and the band played bollywood masala music for about 4.5 hours and a number of once more! The audience never got enough of dance numbers!! It was lovely to see folks from all ages crowed near the stage to shake with the dhinchak zatka numbers:).