Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sponsor my ride - help a cause!!

Every year I do the Seattle to Portland bike ride as a part of fund raiser. Next weekend I will be testifying my bike + butt endurance skills for 202 miles between Seattle and Portland. If you are interested in supporting Asha for Education and it’s cause of bringing change through education in India please support my ride by pledging and donating here. One of very personally gratifying things I was able to do with support of Asha was to help sponsor a school for hearing impaired back in my home town.

Enjoy the long weekend and happy Independence day.


Anonymous said...

News Flash!!!!Due to Not being able to get the auction company to work with the owner of the land and Swamp Landers we are going for the gusto. There is 1700 acres for sale for the price tag of around 3 million dollars and we have decided to work on getting a grant for some of the cost. DNR(Department of Naturl Resourses) will only help so much. What we have to do is raise the rest of the money some how. I have been looking into putting on a couple fund raisers such as a Mud Bog or a Poker Run but I need input for you. Swamp Landers needs your help. I'm not in this for a profit we like to ride and quite frankly there is no place close.So please pass on the word to everyone you know to donate to the cause, it dont have to be a huge donation every little bite helps. We here in Southern Illinois give to all kinds of causes this is another good cause even if you dont ride ATV/OHV this park will offer horse back trails and motor cross trails as well. We will have camping and ATV rental and a place to service your ATV. So please help, contact everyone you know. We have all the paper work for the grant in hand but we cant submit it till after Jan.1st so this is where we are at the present time. If you want to help either donate at or you can mail a check to Swamp Landers ATV 3803 Deering Rd. West Frankfort IL 62896. So far we have collected over 800.00 dollars thanks to all the ATV riders that have help. We are working very hard to get all the permits and insurance we need and get the funding in place to get this park going. We are determined to have a place to enjoy the outdoors on safe trails with no hassle. Once again Thank You for your support.

Anonymous said...

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